Women’s Exercise Routine: How Much Is Enough?

Women's Exercise How Much Is NeededCreating a woman’s exercise routine is dependent on the amount of activity that a particular woman needs.   While there’s no argument that physical exercise is essential to health and well-being, there are many variables to creating the right routine.  These variables depend on the age, current fitness level, specific needs and fitness goals of the woman.  There are some commonalities among the many different guidelines offered by various organizations.


The minimum level of physical activity recommended by the USDA is 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, however, this is only the level needed to reduce the risk of health-related diseases. The USDA recommends about an hour of moderate or intense exercise almost every day to keep body weight stable and avoid gradual weight gain. However, to sustain weight loss as an adult, over an hour of the same level of intensity is suggested.   These are generalizations and not accurate for all individuals, so each woman will have to adjust this to meet their own needs.

Current Fitness Level

Your current fitness level may have a significant impact on your needs, as someone who is less fit than average may need to exercise less to use the same amount of calories as someone in better shape. Additionally, the level of exercise a less fit woman may be comfortably capable of is likely to be less than a more fit one.   Current diet and supplement use can also impact current fitness levels.Sano Wellness Line Of Vitamins | Now with NanoSyzed® rapid absorption!


Many women have needs that require adjustments to their exercise schedule, whether they have limited free time, limited space or no access to fitness equipment. Luckily, exercise has a few aspects that impact its effectiveness. The frequency of the activity, the time spent exercising, and the intensity of the action are all related. These factors can all be adjusted to increase the efficacy. Limited time can be counteracted, for example, by increasing frequency or intensity. Difficulty in expanding the intensity can be balanced with longer and more frequent workouts.


Exercise is valuable for women of all ages, from children to senior citizens. Children and teenagers should have a very high level of activity, over an hour a day to start. Adults usually need less exercise, and age is less important a factor in determining an exercise routine. Older adults who are in good health should follow general adult guidelines. While older women who are in poorer health should exercise as much as they are able up to the adult guidelines. You should always consult a physician before starting an exercise regime, to stay safe and healthy.

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Goals are one of the most critical factors for determining the level and type of exercise that a woman needs. If the goal is merely to maintain current weight, fitness, and health, this requires less intense exercise.  Significant weight loss, or increasing strength require different goals. Specific goals impact the types of exercise that are appropriate. Increased activity such as walking, jogging or running is a great start.  Adding strength training, increased cardio training, and flexibility or balance training can enhance the benefits and meet your goals.

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In additions to these factors to consider, it is essential to support the exercise routine with healthy eating and appropriate supplements.

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Author: Jim Wheat

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