The Essentials for Women: 4 Vitamins Every Woman Should Take

Women's Essential VitaminsVitamins are chemical compounds that the body cannot produce enough of by itself. Therefore, a person needs to add them to their diet to stay healthy.   Those in perfect health with great diets may not need vitamin supplements, but few in the US have a diet that perfectly meets their body’s needs. Supplements allow a person to improve upon what their food provides without the complication.  And without the cost of drastically changing what they eat. Men and women have different needs for vitamin supplements and those with specific deficiencies may require more supplements, but all women can benefit from regular use of several vitamins.

Vitamin B-12

B-12 is a vitamin in the B family which cannot be created by any plants or animals but only by bacteria. Many animals can absorb B-12 from the bacteria in their gut, but this isn’t an option for humans. For humans, meat and shellfish are the primary sources of dietary B-12. Diets low in beef or seafood can quickly lead to B-12 deficiency, which can cause fatigue, depression, memory problems, headaches and lethargy even at low levels. At high levels, B-12 deficiency can lead to irreversible brain and nervous system damage. Vegetarians and vegans especially need to be aware of their levels and take appropriate supplements, but all women can should take daily B-12 supplements.Sano Wellness Line Of Vitamins | Now with NanoSyzed® rapid absorption!

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a well-known vitamin that humans and other primates are not able to produce. Severe Vitamin C deficiency can lead to a disease called scurvy which has early symptoms of weakness, tiredness, and sore limbs. Later stages include gum disease, bleeding, personality changes and even death. Regular Vitamin C supplement usage can also decrease the severity and duration of colds. A person can acquire sufficient Vitamin C from a diet high in fruits and raw vegetables.   Vitamin C is easily destroyed during cooking and canning. Vitamin C supplements can help boost this vitamin in people without enough of these in their diets.

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Zinc, while not a vitamin per se, is an essential mineral that is important in maintaining proper bowel function, skin condition and impacts many of the body’s systems. This vitamins deficiency can have symptoms such as skin problems and delayed wound healing.  Other symptoms include mouth and tongue sores and coatings, taste and smell, diarrhea and even psychological issues. We gain Zinc from the diet and is most common in meat, seafood, beans, and nuts. Diets low in these items, such as some vegetarian diets, can quickly lead to zinc deficiencies. Keeping Zinc levels in a healthy range can be easy with the use of daily supplements.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is primarily made by the skin when exposed to sunlight. In the United States, manufacturers add it to some foods as a supplement. Due to the reliance on natural light, many women just don’t get enough D3 naturally, as indicated by the National Institutes of Health. Vitamin D3 deficiency can lead to bone softening, worsen osteoporosis, and even cause muscle weakness. Depending on diet, having a D3 deficiency can be surprisingly easy. Daily supplements are an essential factor in women’s bone health. Vitamin D3 deficiency can be determined with a simple blood test, and then a doctor will prescribe prescription vitamin pills, followed by over the counter supplements.

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While bloodwork may be necessary to determine exact vitamin levels, many women find that they are low on the above four vitamins. Supplementation tends to improve a variety of symptoms including fatigue, irritatbility, and more.

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Author: Mark Alvisi

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