Supplements: Timing Is Everything

Supplement Timing
While we all want to be healthy, recover quickly from workouts, and ensure our body has the proper nutrients it needs, a supplement may be necessary to help us accomplish those goals. There are a variety of supplements available and it is important to choose the right one and take the proper dosage for your body. Once you figure out exactly what you need, knowing when to take your supplements is another vital component to consider.

When Should I take My Supplements?

The answer to the above question is … it depends. Knowing when to take a certain type of vitamin or supplement can depend on the time of day and whether you have eaten. There are many vitamins and supplements that are better absorbed into the body when you have an empty stomach. This means you should take them first thing in the morning. Other vitamins, such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B should all be taken with food. You can take these types of vitamins during any of your meals for better absorption.

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However, you must also be aware of what vitamins you take and how they interact with one another. If you take multiple supplements or vitamins each day, you want to ensure they don’t counteract one another. For example, if you take both a calcium and an iron supplement, the calcium pill can prevent the iron from being absorbed into the body. You must take these pills at different times throughout the day to ensure they are effective.Sano Wellness Line Of Vitamins | Now with NanoSyzed® rapid absorption!

Workout Supplements

Workout and recovery supplements are a little different when compared to vitamins. You take these supplements to recover after a long workout, to build muscle, to fight fat, or to give you energy and fuel for an upcoming and grueling workout. Knowing when to take them all depends on the type of supplement you choose. Some products matter very little on the timing. You can take some supplements in the morning, such as whey protein or fish oil, and still receive their benefits later.

Other products require more precise timing to receive their benefits. For example, green tea should be taken approximately one hour before a workout while other options should be taken approximately 30 minutes before intense exercise. If you are lifting heavy weights or going through an intense workout, there are even some supplements available that should be taken in the middle of the workout.

How Do You Remember When to Take Supplements?

If you take multiple vitamins and supplements each day, remembering to take the right supplement at the right time can be challenging. There are some tricks you can use, such as setting an alarm on your phone to remind you throughout the day, or setting the pills on your counter to remind you each time you walk into the kitchen. You may even condense pills and consider a multivitamin. There are also sprays available to take where the timing isn’t so rigid.

When it comes to your health, supplements and vitamins may be necessary. Try 30 days of Sano Wellness vitamins to improve your absorption and ensure that your body receives the right vitamins and nutrients it needs to help you achieve wellness from within.

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Author: Mark Alvisi

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