Exercising As You Age: Enjoy The Benefits of Fitness

Exercise At Any AgeWhether you are 18 years old or have a handful of grandchildren, exercising as you age is of utmost importance. While eating a well-balanced diet is critical to keeping your body functioning well and ensuring you can keep up with the demands of your life, exercise is also an essential component.

Exercise can be any activity that gets your body moving, increases your heart rate, and burns energy and calories. While many people think exercise is only for individuals who want to lose weight, fitness offers much more. Here are several benefits of exercise and why both the old and the young should make it a priority in their life.

It Helps Maintain Muscle

As you age, you begin to lose muscle mass and your strength slowly diminishes. Exercise helps you maintain and build the essential muscle you need to function in your day. If you avoid exercise, you become limited in your movement. For older adults, even simple movements that you take for granted such as walking and even lifting your hands above your arms can become a significant challenge. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be an intense workout to provide benefits to your health. Just a simple walk around the neighborhood, using light resistance bands, or even walking back and forth in a swimming pool can help strengthen your muscles.Sano Wellness Line Of Vitamins | Now with NanoSyzed® rapid absorption!

It Keeps Your Mind Sharp

When you exercise, you get the oxygen and the blood in your body flowing. This means your brain receives more essential oxygen and blood, which helps with the growth of new brain cells. This helps keep your brain sharp, improves your memory, and prevents brain fog that can come with aging.

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Helps You Make Healthier Choices

Exercise helps individuals of all ages feel good about themselves and their body. It releases endorphins that make you happier and less stressed. These feelings encourage you to make even better choices for your body. For example, after an invigorating run, you don’t want to grab donuts or a hamburger on the way home. Instead, you’ll want lean protein, fruit, vegetables, supplements, and lots of water. Furthermore, regular exercise can help individuals fight addictions such as smoking and drugs. Exercise helps lessen these cravings and gives you more motivation to be healthy.

Exercise Helps You Live Longer

There are several studies that show how regular exercise and certain types of fitness can increase a person’s lifespan. However, the type of exercise you choose, its intensity, and how long you exercise each week can affect how much longer you will live. It is recommended individuals engage in at least 150 minutes of moderately-intense exercise each week to reap the benefits of a longer lifespan.

It Can Adapt to Fit Your Lifestyle

You can make fitness a part of your lifestyle, regardless of your age, where you live, or any limitations you may experience. If you have the energy and the capabilities, maybe running, hiking, or cycling is ideal. Or if you are limited, are afraid of falling, or need to start out slowly, water aerobics, walking, and even rowing machines may be good options for you. You can choose what you want to do, your level of intensity, and what types of exercise allow you to create a sustainable fitness habit.

Exercise is something you can and should do throughout your entire life. It is up to you to ensure you work hard and reap the full benefits of wellness from within at any age.

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Author: Veronica Matthews

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