5 Workout Mistakes You May Be Committing

Experienced fitness coaches will tell you that they have witnessed countless workout mistakes on any given day at the gym. They range from counterproductive workout habits to bad behaviors.

We’ve listed the top 5 mistakes that go beyond just form and technique.

1. Not Sticking To Your Schedule

Every time you miss a scheduled workout, you’re taking a step back. Body transformations certainly do not happen after just one session; it is achieved through an accumulation of successful workouts done when they are meant to happen.

Furthermore, committing to a schedule isn’t just essential for achieving results, but it’s amazing for your self-esteem. When your discipline and confidence increases, you feel empowered to keep going.

2. “Winging It.”

Sano Wellness Line Of Vitamins | Now with NanoSyzed® rapid absorption!The wisest approach will always be to follow a carefully detailed workout plan. However, some people eventually get bored or worse, start to think they are smarter than their trainers and show up at the gym and just “wing it.” They’ll go to whatever machine is available at the moment with absolutely no game plan. They wander around aimlessly between exercises with no real direction.

The problem with “winging it” is that it is not effective and certainly not safe. Without a goal to know what you are aiming for, an assessment of your current condition, a strategy on how to get there, and plan of execution, you won’t have a reliable measurement for success. Furthermore, you could potentially injure yourself.

3. Doing Cardio Before You Lift

A big misconception and a significant workout mistake is doing cardio before you lift.  Cardio is necessary to any good workout plan. However, the timing of it makes all the difference. Completing a 45-minute run will clearly raise your heart rate and get you fairly tired. By the time you get under the bar or ready to perform leg presses, you could be too fatigued to execute proper form or finish your sets. Worst, you might injure yourself.

To avoid this, accomplish the exercises that are form-intensive first and then do your cardio.

4. Starving Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes we find is starving yourself.  While cutting back on calories and sugar is the way to lose body fat, starving yourself will only lead to your metabolism slowing down. Not eating enough will ultimately lead to muscle loss and your weight loss will plateau.

To lose body fat the right way, start by creating a calorie deficit by eating less and exercising more. If lowering calorie intake also decreases your metabolism, then increasing your calories boosts your metabolism.

5. Taking Over the Whole Gym

A bad habit that inconveniences fellow gym-goers is when people put together circuits that take over the whole gym. No one likes to sit there and watch as someone hogs all the machines.

Most gyms already place machines and weights in the same space so it shouldn’t be hard for you to group your exercises. This allows you to utilize equipment in the same area which will cut down your transit time.

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Author: Jim Wheat

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