5 Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs Now

5 Essential Nutrients Your Body NeedsEveryone’s body is different and knowing exactly what your body does and does not need can be difficult. You know that you need food and water to survive, but do you know exactly what type of nutrients your body needs to function properly, to fight off illness and disease, to give you the energy to complete daily tasks? Here are five essential nutrients your body needs today:

1. Protein

Protein is one of the most important and most well-known nutrients. It is essential to building muscle, helping you move, and keeping you active. Protein comes from a variety of food sources such as chicken, beef, milk, and cheese. While some food sources offer ample protein, some are much more limited and you may need additional supplements. For example, animal proteins such as eggs and meat provide a healthy dose of protein while plant-based proteins may leave you needing more.

2. Vitamin B

Vitamin B is essential to keeping you healthy and giving you energy. There are many B vitamins and each has its own function and purpose in keeping your body running well. While many foods including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provide these vitamins, a vitamin B complex supplement may be ideal to ensure you are receiving the right amount of each B vitamin.

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3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays many roles in your body including protecting and helping your teeth and bones, improving your immune system, and regulating your insulin. However, despite playing such a critical role in our body, many people are lacking in this important vitamin. You can receive vitamin D through a proper diet, supplements, or sunshine. Just five to 10 minutes of sunshine each day can give you enough vitamin D to reap its benefits. However, many individuals don’t spend that much time outdoors, don’t eat a balanced diet, or avoid supplements.

4. Fat

While fat is something many individuals stay far away from, it is an essential part of a healthy diet. In fact, more than 20% of our diet should come from fat. It is an energy source and it also helps us absorb many of the nutrients and vitamins that we need. Not every type of fat is a good fat. There are healthy fat options such as the fat found in fish, avocados, and nuts. However, trans fats are the type of fat that you should avoid in your diet. This type of fat is often found in processed and baked foods and can cause health issues surrounding the heart.

5. Sodium

Sodium is another essential nutrient but often has a bad reputation. Many individuals avoid sodium and go on low-sodium diets to help lower their blood pressure and prevent water retention. However, sodium is necessary to help regulate your body’s fluids. It also helps ensure your body is properly hydrated and helps muscles work and recover well. Just be sure you don’t overdo it, as too much sodium can affect your kidneys and is linked to hypertension.

While there are many nutrients our bodies need every day to remain healthy and function at their best, it is imperative we closely monitor our diets, eat well, and take supplements as needed to keep our bodies strong. Try Sano Wellness Vitamins and avoid the challenge of keeping track of pills, dosages, and timing. You can quickly and easily get the nutrients you need to find wellness from within.

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Author: Veronica Matthews

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