4 Essential Supplements Your Child Needs Now

Essential Vitamins Your Children Need NowChildren can sometimes struggle with getting enough essential nutrients in their diets, especially picky eaters. This issue is particularly harmful as these nutrients are critical for developing minds and bodies. Struggling to improve a child’s diet is one option, but many parents find supplements to be very helpful in ensuring their children get enough of these nutrients.




Everyone knows that calcium is essential for growing and maintaining healthy bones, however, not everyone knows that it plays a part in keeping muscles and nerves working and has a role in heart health. With such vital functions, proper calcium intake is incredibly crucial for growing children. Dairy foods are a classic source of calcium, and it is also present in leafy green vegetables, beans, and soybeans. However, lactose intolerance and picky preferences can make these sources unavailable for a child. Food that is marketed to children often contains added calcium, which can help supplement their intake. However, due to the significant amount of calcium needed and the importance of it, supplements are an excellent idea to boost calcium intake. Sano Wellness Line Of Vitamins | Now with NanoSyzed® rapid absorption!

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is essential for the absorption of calcium in the body, working with calcium intake to build strong bones. This Vitamin is hard to get through most foods and is mostly created in the skin by a reaction with UVB light. With more inside playtime and use of sunscreen, sunlight is rarely able to provide enough D3 for a growing child. D3 is added to some foods, but if a child isn’t able to willing to eat them, D3 deficiency is likely. Vitamin D3 supplements are a great resource to make sure that a child grows up with healthy bones.

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Magnesium is also crucial for calcium absorption and plays an integral part in muscle and nerve function. We find magnesium in leafy greens, nuts, and whole grains, which tend not to be high on children’s list of favorite foods. Because of this, magnesium deficiency is common. Adding daily supplements will manage this condition.


This Supplement is important for immune system development and keeps skin, nails, hair, and digestion healthy. Zinc deficiency isn’t common but can be very unpleasant, and as zinc is mostly found in red meat and seafood, children with restricted diets can benefit from Zinc supplements.

Vitamin C

Many children get enough Vitamin C through diets rich in fruits and vegetables. However, picky eaters, again, may fall short of what they need. Vitamin C helps avoid scurvy, a disease that leads to exhaustion, bleeding, pain, tooth loss, and anemia. While scurvy is most famous for being a disease afflicting sailors, it can still occur occasionally if a child does not consume enough Vitamin C. There is also evidence that sufficient levels of Vitamin C over time can reduce the severity and duration of colds. Vitamin C supplements are a good option for children who don’t eat a lot of fruits or vegetables.

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Ensuring children get vital nutrients from day to day can be difficult and fighting with a child over mealtime is no one’s idea of fun. For children who struggle with their diet, vitamin supplements can be critical to maintaining health and growing up healthy.


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Author: Jim Wheat

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